intelligent banker

-Intelligent choice of bank services

Comparison sites by the use of unique technology


Within 10 years, retail banks as we know them will be dead. By 2020 at least 66 percent of the global population will be online, and the biggest banks in the world will be technology companies. Intelligent Banker is driving this market change, focusing on personalized offers and effective marketing.

Personalized offers

Intelligent Banker’s comparison sites provide free easy-to-use individualized comparison lists. Our technology empower the household to make a free and easy selection between online bank products.

Effective marketing

Bigdata and Machine Learning is key elements in Intelligent Bankers marketing. By the use of data, we predict the most effective marketing patterns, and the most cost effective marketing channels.

What we do

-It's all data driven!

Our vision: By the use of technology, we want to help the consumers choose the right financial product for their needs.


The banking sector is one of the least developed throughout time. Since the beginning of time, it has always been about the money - and how to create different types of complex private banking products, which only benefits the banks. The single bank has an interest in making these financial products as complex as possible in order to keep their customers from changing to another bank. Intelligent Banker want to remove all the hassle and give back the power to the consumers.


Big data is the key element in the way Intelligent Banker works. In order to help us bring back the power to the consumers, we need to analyze billions of data points in order to match a single consumer with the best financial product. Our big data works with incomplete information, which gives the consumer a better decision quality. In this way, our big data will save the private households a lot of money each year.


Each year, Intelligent Banker help 300,000 satisfied consumers finding the right financial product for their needs in one of our more than 200 bank relationships throughout Europe.

Intelligent Banker have had seven years of continuous growth and a turnover in 2016 of 55 million DKK.

Furthermore, we have been nominated for several prestigious awards. Among others, we are a four-time winner of the Danish business award “Børsen Gazelle”, nominated for “EY Entrepreneur of The Year, start-up and nominated for “Akademikerprisen”